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Turn Of Tides [Bramble Blast] + Good News

2012-08-18 00:18:43 by Avizura

Hey guys,

Just a simple AMV with my Super Smash Brothers Brawl - Bramble Blast remix/cover over it.
Something I made a few months ago.

And good news, I've finally managed to fix my computer (On my own, yup ... never spend money before trying yourself).

That's all,

~Fl l.l l out ;)


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2012-08-18 00:27:03

lol, finally fixed your computer. XD

I fix my laptop all the time (it actually never crashes, even if it's 10 years old) and if I can't fix it, I have a 23 year old cousin who's an expert in computers.

Avizura responds:

Nice! I'd rather do stuff on my own, I want to learn more about dem computerz.


2012-08-20 05:26:22

Glad you could fix it.

Avizura responds:

Thanks, it was VERY simple XD

I could have fixed it like ... 5 months ago ... dang ..


2012-08-20 21:34:42

dat song, good shit

Avizura responds:

Thanks man!


2012-08-22 14:43:43

One word: Cupcakes.

Avizura responds:

And YOU are one of the ingredients =]


2012-08-22 17:56:54

Ohhh. What kind of cupca-

I just remembered another kind of cupcakes. *shudder*