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2012-08-29 13:47:41 by Avizura

It would be very nice if you donated some money on my Paypal
If you have the money/time ;)

Paypal <3

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2012-08-29 18:48:41

lolwut, what the fuck? My laptop will CRASH with so many programs on.

Avizura responds:

Mine is 6GB RAM + Dual (Or maybe quad? Idk) Core Processor and it lagged a lot of times. So yeah, it's a pretty big project hehe


2012-08-29 19:32:23

Umad bro?

Avizura responds:

I aaaam Muhahahahahahaha


2012-08-31 01:29:00

Sweet mother of projects NEVER have looked like this O:

Avizura responds:

Hehe, oh well, I've seen bigger projects ^^; [Trancecrafter's projects are HUUUUUGE]


2012-08-31 09:30:31

Bitch, please. 256 MB (0.2) GB RAM and only 1.40 GHz Intel Celeron M Processor over here.

Just imagine this shitty laptop opening your project...*super crash*.


2012-09-04 20:25:15

On the top part of the playlist I saw that they looked like they would be the drums? I don't know how long you've used FL Studio but you can enable legacy pattern blocks in the general settings if you've used the old one before FL Studio 10.

Btw the project looks really cool