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Avizura TRiLOGY

2012-09-12 07:22:43 by Avizura

// Before you read this, check out this awesome tribute by "Criminal-23"


Final in the series of Avizura Albums.
This final album will be released somewhere around december!

After that I will probably take my music in a different direction.

(don't worry, the actual music won't change (much))

Only thing I can tell you is that it will include songs like You Shine A Light and Winter Tears, but also songs like Loyalty and Time. (The fast-paced heavy DnB)

Trance won't be forgotten either : )

I'm working towards releasing it on 12/12/12, so stay tuned for that!


OMFG!!! :O
Look who posted a review on my art!

~Fl l.l l out!

Avizura TRiLOGY


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2012-09-12 13:45:48

You'd better not forget about the trance.

I'm watching you.

Avizura responds:

Hmm :l

I'm actually more focussing towards making a lot more DnB.

But I WON'T forget about Trance.


2012-09-19 17:53:16

Hm...NL-Courage's track is so-so IMO. Could use some better mastering. 3/5


Avizura responds:

Whoops. Still used to your old username, SORRY!


2012-09-20 09:16:50

I thought everyone got used to my new name (it's been 4 months already). Looks like I was wrong. =(