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Less than 1 Month left

11/17/12 by Avizura
Updated 11/17/12


Stay tuned ..

For Avizura - INIQUiTY

My last, but not least album in this trilogy.

I'll give away the tracklist:

1. You Shine A Light 04:21 [guitars by WolfRock]
2. Year Of The Dragon 05:56
3. Chase Your Dreams 06:48
4. Floral 05:40
5. Eye To Eye 08:02
6. Iris 06:35
7. Iniquity 04:02
8. Never Surrender 05:53
9. Ray Of Hope 04:10
10. Bring Me Home 07:05
11. Winter Tears 02:43
12. Come With Me 05:18 [guitars by WolfRock]
13. Stardust 04:31
14. Final Tears 08:37
15. Crossroad Of Dreams 09:51

15 tracks for EU5,- which I think is a fair price.


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I can't wait to buy the album!! Where will I be able to buy it?



Hey avizura!

I d like to buy Never Surrender and was following that link: der

but its gone now. Do I have any chance to buy this song again?

11/19/12 Avizura responds:

Ehm, yes! You have. Never Surrender will be on the album, for 60 cents less than before! [.40] on 12/12/12



I'll help you advertise if you want. For free. =P

11/19/12 (Updated 11/19/12) Avizura responds:

Thanks man! One more track will be added.