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2012-12-20 18:14:54 by Avizura


Pretty awesome level in Sonic 3.


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2012-12-20 19:26:46

Not only was it the first time Super Sonic had a reserved level, it was also the best one. Plus, it's one of the best final boss songs I've ever heard


2012-12-28 00:30:30

Alexander Brandon who composed for unreal, unreal tournament, and deus ex.

He is, without exception, undoubtedly the most skilled musician i have ever had the pleasure of listening to through his composed pieces of the atmospheric category.
He and Nobuo Uematsu are my top two.
Where as Alex composes spacey far out worldly vastness, Nobuo composes solid yet lifting whimsical tunes of sporadic human quality pressed to its limits.

but between them i cannot come to consensus.