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2013-02-12 16:52:41 by Avizura

1/ Should I structure my songs more like the standard Modern Liquid-DnB structure?

2/ Most of my melodies is influenced by Videogames and Anime-songs (And JPop in general), but I do give my own spin to it.
Should I keep that, or focus less on melodies?

3/ Should I make more relaxing DnB tunes? Or keep on making high-energy Avi-style DnB?

4/ Are there any tips you could give me?

5/ And is there anything else you want to say?

~Fl l.l l out


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2013-02-12 17:03:56

1: If your current structure is working for you, keep doing what you're doing. Doesn't hurt to try something out, though. Maybe try a single song with a more standardized structure?

2: Melodies should always be a main focus, imo.

3: Relaxing DnB is nice, but I think most people prefer faster sounding songs simply because of the genre.

4: This might be a result of my headphones being weird, but I noticed your latest song hurt my ears a bit with its prevalence of high-frequencies. The snare is a bit distorty too, but they're not massive issues.

5: I enjoy your music.


2013-02-13 03:09:50

3: It's good to have a mix. Some people like high energy all the time, some like more relaxing stuff. But usually, the high energy lover likes a relaxing bit, and the relaxer needs a great workout bit. So, yeah. If all or most is high energy, time to mix in something new. :)

5: Yes. Make moar pix! :D


2013-02-20 12:07:12

1. No. As you said in (2.), you should add your own spin.
2. Your D&B is one of the few I can truly appreciate, because it has a lot of melody. Other D&B is a tad too boring for me. So yeah, keep on adding melody.
3. Make whatever the fuck you want. If you feel like making something relaxing, do so.
4. Keep doing what you want. Let no one tell you what to do (applies mostly/only for haters)
5. See (4.)


2013-02-21 01:03:19

From one producer to another, just do what you like to do. I know it may be important to keep the listeners happy, but what is most important is keeping yourself happy. As a producer, I feel like I am my own worst critic. I always try to fix mistakes I made in previous songs, only to find new mistakes again. One of the most important things to remember as a producer is not to dwell on those mistakes, and just to focus on the growth. Good luck mate.