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Digital Audio Workstation Fight

2013-02-24 11:43:13 by Avizura

If you could choose between:

-Ableton Live
-Steinberg Cubase
-Logic Pro

Which one would you choose, in terms of:
1 -Complexity, how many different functions are available?
2 -Learning curve
3 -Reputation
4 -Interface, how much time does it take to load a sample?
5 -CPU, (I know, from experience, that FLStudio lags like crazy on slower PCs, if you have like 30 different instruments)

And, would you be ok with me starting to uploading some Darker DnB under my new dark alter-ego name? (On the same account)

Please share your thoughts and opinions,

~Fl l.l l


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2013-02-24 14:06:54

Complexity : Cubase has the other four for breakfast however it's allso the least intuitive of the bunch and genuine autism might be a requirement to make sense of the manual.

Reason notably lacks midi out and FL studio comes with crap mastering tools.

Learning curve : Ableton is fairly idiot proof, on the other hand it can have stability issues.

If you understand hardware though, Reason is an awfull lot like playing a videogame.

Reputation : FL studio hangs around 13 yr old boys a lot, somebody should do something about that.

Ableton is best friends with nearly all of todays superstar dj's.

Reason does television and movie soundtracks as a dayjob, at night it plays dubstep gigs with Kill the Noise and Cookie Monstah.

Logic pro was last seen hunting deer in alaska.

Interface : Ableton and Reason allow dragging and dropping samples into the program, i've no idea if Logic pro works this way but i know for a fact FL studio and Cubase do not.

CPU : Reason is stabile even on hopelessly out of date computers.

(Updated ) Avizura responds:

Yeah, I've been using Reason for a while when I had a slower PC.

And it IS possible to drag audio-files into FLStudio and Cubase, hehe.


2013-02-24 17:27:47

1 -Complexity
Cubase while being the most powerful is also the most complex. FL Studio is the easiest to probably learn but with all DAW's it's rare that anyone utilises everything.

2 -Learning curve
FL and ABleton don't really have much of a learning curve. a Few video's will sort your questions out and let you dive straight in with your VST's. Reason took me abit longer for my head to get around but I kind of got the hang of it in the end. Cubase was probably the most difficult on the later versions, V4 or before were quite easy to pick up on personally.

3 -Reputation
Ableton and Cubase easily have the best reputation with Logic being a supposedly 'solid' choice for Mac users. Reason generally has a positive opinion, FL studio... not so much (which is a shame since it's the users who diminish it's reputation, not the DAW itself).

4 -Interface
Cubase and FL easily have the most friendly interfaces. Ableton looks pretty daunting for a new user and some may be put off using it because everything seems different compared to other DAW's. Reason's interface isn't too bad, it's more the actual sequencing which may confuse some.

5 -CPU
It really depends on the Plug-ins you use and if everything is up to date. Cubase is known to be able to run every bloody VST on the planet without many issues, Ableton has a fairly decent reputaion also. FL studio is a mixed opinion here, while some VST's won't even run correctly (I'm looking at you Waldorf), some of the ones which do run successfully use even less CPU usage than any of the other DAW's available. Like stated below, Reason is stable regardless.

Avizura responds:

It took me about 5 weeks to kinda understand everything I needed to know about Cubase, it feels like you're a rat in a maze at first. I always had issues with timing, but I didn't know about musical and linear tracks. But once you get used to it, it's actually a huge beast of a DAW.
It also helps that Steinberg were the people behind the VST technology (from what I remember)


2013-02-24 22:25:31

How does Reason lack midi out?

Avizura responds:

Idk D:

She also said that draggin and dropping isn't possible in Cubase & FL, while it is D:


2013-02-24 22:29:41

Oh der disregard me, I was thinking wrong


2013-02-25 06:08:25

Coz it's all I got.


Avizura responds:

Hehe, don't worry, Logic isn't that expensive compared to Cubase and Live ;) But it's really as good imo.


2013-02-25 07:47:56

you can spend a lifetime listening to people tell you "_____ is better than _____ because _____" but it really boils down to what works best for you. For the life of me, I can't understand how people can still use FL, because it's so limited to what I'm used to having at my disposal. But people still use it, cause it's comfortable. And that speaks volumes about what turns out the best end product.. Something that is technically superior? Or something that the user is comfortable with.

I can't really give an objective answer, cause the performance of these DAWs greatly depends on the competence of the user, and the computer you're using.

To date, I've bounced from FL, to Cubase, to Protools, to Logic. I've stuck with Logic for the past 5 years, because it works best for my workflow preference, tools and utilities.

I liked Pro Tools a lot, there's something about the algorithms of that software that just churn out a nice clean product. But for me, the biggest set back was that it was soooo proprietary and obnoxious (lol Logic is too, but not nearly as bad...) , and back when I was using it (2008-09), version 7 was just a complete mess. I can't speak for the newer versions, but from what I've witnessed/observed, there's nothing so special that I'd jump back over.

But that's just the conclusion I came to. You'd be shocked if you knew how many amazing artists out there use FL, and even GarageBand. It's not the tool, it's the person who wields it.

Avizura responds:

Damn right.

I'm more a fan of Ableton Live and Cubase (While cubase is glitchy as fuuuu), I still can't get my hands off FL and Reason.

Wavelab works nice for mastering, but it lags like hell if you have about a 100 tracks and an out-dated pc..


2013-02-26 05:55:46

I second ZStriefel's comment.

Avizura responds:

I third :D


2013-03-03 14:03:14

Well, as for the drag 'n drop conclusion i drew that's probably just me being a dumbass, note how they're both daws i've failed to make productive use of x3

@ Sinerider, midi out is for controlling external hardware, for over a decade now the running joke in the reason community is that the next version will have this feature :3

On topic though, what Zstriefel says is all too true, it's not the tools it's who's using them.

Realistically they do all have individual strengths and weaknesses but that's mostly fodder for never ending discussions and pedantery that forums exist for.

Considering you've already spent a fortune on the aforementioned software, or at least taking the trouble to pirate them, you might want to focus on your hardware instead i.e a better computer.

I'm aiming to upgrade from an i5 laptop to an i7 one this summer cus the third party plugins for reason are bringing to light issues that are identical to the other daws and vsti workload. ( something i've never had to deal with for the past years but times are changing )

Avizura responds:


The problem is, that sometimes I feel like working with Reason and other times, I feel like working with Cubase. Ok it's not really a problem, but I like to work with all of them.

And yeah. I definitly need to get a better one, + some studio monitors, + a better midi controller.
I usually end up wwith around 100 audio and midi tracks, and my pc is just way too slow for that. (AT least in flstudio)

Sorry, I'm ttyping this on my mobile device.