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Just to clear some things up.

4/12/13 by Avizura
Updated 4/15/13


I've recently decided that I want to keep my Avizura name for the production of melodic/emotional/anything that tells a story type of music.

I want to keep it clear from dark and chaotic Drum N Bass (and such). That's why I've decided to start a new project called "BreakREBEL" (written like that yeah)

I will upload these under that name, but still on the same account.

Also, sorry for not uploading a shit ton of tracks. I want to put more time in producing better quality rather than to make a whole bunch of mediocre songs.

~Peace. ginal-mix

Tired of all my chaotic and evil sounding tracks?
I've got some good news for you, I'm working on another energetic, melodic track again! :)


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Naw, man, you should keep stuff together. Or do you mean you're just gonna put an extra label on the title? That's always a good idea, I think.

4/12/13 Avizura responds:

Yeah the last thing :)
The sideproject will be called "BreakREBEL"



World peace and harmony.

4/12/13 Avizura responds:

ez :)