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Agressive Drum N Bass Album!

2013-05-06 12:23:58 by Avizura

33,3% discount: se-your-claws-ep
Now EU1,99!

Question: What would you like to hear from me?
More Drum N Bass, dubstep and breakbeat?
More melody-driven and cinematic stuff?
More hard, dirty and agressive stuff?
Or something else?

What would be the perfect album for you?



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2013-05-06 16:36:15

A healthy mix.

Maybe an undo-able idea, but how about making the album like one whole song, but with parts (=loose songs)?

Avizura responds:

Ahh do you mean something like Goldie - Mother? Or Goldie - Innercity Life?


2013-05-06 22:17:44

I'd hope that one of the songs would be like Never Give In. Something powerful but melodic.

Avizura responds:

You can count on that :)


2013-05-07 03:05:46

Dubstup sux.

Avizura responds:

Hey, you do know that my dubstep is melody-driven, right? :) It sounds nothing like actual filthy dubstep, but it has the beat and tempo. (Sorry I had to write that down)


2013-05-07 10:54:03

I don't happen to know those albums, but albums like 'For lack of a better name' from Deadmau5 or several albums from Solar Fields are also examples.

Avizura responds:

Ah I've heard some tunes by Deadmau5. There's a few I really like, like Strobe. But the rest of it is a bit ... well... boring to me (I'm so sorry, but this is just my opinion)
I will take a listen to that album.


2013-05-07 16:12:56

I've been going through his discography for about a week, and I must say that Strobe is an absolute masterpiece, but the rest of the album (apart from FML and Lack of a better name) is kinda meh. Get Scraped is much better, though I doubt to find anything that can compare to Strobe.

Avizura responds:

Strobe is awesome, have you ever heard of Stan SB on this site? He's now freaking popular, but he started out on NG.

I love Newgrounds so much, it's like a birthplace for popular succesful artists.


2013-05-07 18:08:43

I'll check him out.

And I completely agree. While I don't spend so much time nowadays on NG, I will never forget it, due to its denizens and the fact that the American dream counts more here than in the states itself :P

Avizura responds:

Hehehe, so true.


2013-05-11 16:04:00

New song is cool. Would play during video games.