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2014-01-10 20:06:51 by Avizura

New Extended Play - To be released on Atoma Records 


Genres: Drum N Bass, Trance, Breakbeat, Ambient

Theme: Cyberpunk, Sci Fi


Includes 5 tracks:

1. High Tech, Low Life 

2. We Shape The Future

3. When The Planets Cry 

4. Humanity 

5. Mother City


Stay tuned


~Fl l.l i out 


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2014-01-11 13:34:48

Its funny how I came across a few of your tracks on liquicity and thought to myself "isn't that the guy I reviewed on NG, with the 'drum and piano' stuff?"

Definitely come a long way since mate, that's for sure haha.

It's nice to see NGers branch out succesfully. Keep it up man. :)

Avizura responds:

Drum N Piano stuff... hmm .. can't remember anything about that tbh .. :(

But thanks a lot ! I still like Newgrounds, especially for unused tracks and stuff that just wouldn't fit on albums


2014-01-12 06:29:54

You're still progressing. Really good to see. From what I hear, there aren't really any bad tunes on this. Will you put all of them on SC in full length?

(Updated ) Avizura responds:

Hi, thanks! no I can't do that, because I have a deal with a record label.
But you can listen to them in full length on Spotify